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Danna and Bryce

On a beautiful day in May, Danna and Bryce got married at their home surrounded by their family and friends.

Bo Stegall Salon came to the house that morning to get Danna and her bridal party ready for the day.

Tri-County Rentals, Gregg Foster Designs and Noble Rentals arrived to make the backyard perfect for their special day.

The day would not have been complete without the LOVE marquee from Gather Upstate.

The ceremony was officiated by Greg Wilkinson and the love Danna and Bryce have was apparent to everyone at the wedding.

Automatic Taco, Stone Pizza and Holly's Cakes made sure all the guests went home happy and full.

Danna surprised Bryce and brought Elvis to make the party a Hunka-Hunka Bunch of Fun! The crowd danced along side him with music being played from DJ Chase Brunson.

Danna and Bryce's wedding day was one we will never forget. The memories will carry on with Sposa Bella photography talents capturing the entire day.

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